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Ordering and Delivery Conditions

Ordering and Delivery Conditions

The seller:

The seller of the products in the web shop is Soil Parts Agro Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (Limited Liability Company). Abbreviated name: Soil Parts Agro Kft. (LTD)

The seller’s information:

Headquarters/site of business activity/postal address: 9026 Győr, Mayer L. utca 71.
Tax ID number: 24173595-1-08
Company registry number: 08-09-024376
Phone number: +3696520724
Fax: +3696720702
E-mail address:
The seller is not under the effect of a code of conduct pursuant to the Act on the prohibition of unfair business conduct.

The client:
Within the framework of the web shop, the seller offers its products to its current and future business partners. Through the present web shop, the seller doesn’t have the capacity to service natural persons proceeding outside of their profession, independent occupation or range of business activity, meaning consumers (Civil Code 8:1. § paragraph (1), item 3). In the course of registration (or in the absence of such, in the course of placing the order), the client is obligated to provide its tax ID number, which exclusively persons involved in business activity may possess (companies, individual business persons), thus providing service to consumers in the web shop isn’t even technically possible.
If You are a consumer, and You would like to purchase a product in one of the web shops, please, contact the seller on its above specified e-mail address, for information regarding the conditions of the purchase, for the provision of information to consumers mandated by statutes.

Data of storage space provider:

Name: Arrabonet Kft.
Headquarters: 9022 Győr, Apáca u.49.
E-mail address:

The contract’s subject:

The subject of the contract is the product selected by the client through Soil Parts Agro Kft.’s web shop located on the internet. The technical parameters, and manufacturers’ product numbers of components available at the web shop are for identification purposes, the components available at the web shop are not factory components!

The technical steps of contract conclusion:

The user interface of the web shop is accessible through all browsers. The client – subsequently to the possible registration or logging in – may select the products constituting the contract’s subjects by clicking on the “Shopping cart” button and by concurrently specifying product quantity. The client provides his personal data, in the range specified in the Data Protection Regulation in the course of registration, or in the case of a purchase without registration, subsequently to the selection of the products to be purchased, by entering them into the displayed data entry boxes. According the client’s choice, the contract conclusion may occur in Hungarian, English, German and Slovakian.

After the selection of the product, by clicking on the “itemized display of order” button, the data related to the client’s order appear, where the client may check their accuracy. In the case of data entry error, the client may step back from the checking page to the web shop’s display and may alter the range and quantity of selected products. If a change has occurred in the data provided by a previously registered client, after logging in, he can alter them in the data entry boxes by clicking on the “data change” button, then he may register the new data by clicking on the “save” button.
If the data related to the order are correct, the client accepts the present Ordering and Delivery Conditions and the Data Protection Regulation by clicking on the appropriate box. Pleas, only click on the box related to the acceptance of the aforementioned regulations, if you have read the conditions contained in the documents, you understood them and acknowledge them as binding pertaining to yourself. If the client disagrees with the content of the aforementioned regulations, the seller can’t serve him through the web shop, since for the sending of the order the marking of both boxes is necessary. If the client wishes to diverge from the present contract conditions, he may contact the seller by e-mail, regarding a request for an individual proposal. After accepting the above conditions, the client sends his order to the seller by clicking on the “send order” icon located on the checking page, as an electronic contract declaration.

The client, who is a legal entity, by sending the order, declares that the natural person proceeding on his behalf, a representative, is authorized to conclude the legal transaction. The articles of incorporation or a resolution by the principal body contain no such exclusion or restriction, which would limit or exclude the power of representation regarding the conclusion of the legal transaction to any extent, pertaining to the representative who submits the order.

The contract arises by the seller’s acceptance of the order, regarding which the seller sends an automatic acknowledgement immediately, but within 48 hours at the latest, to the e-mail address specified by the client. The electronic contract arises when the seller’s acknowledgement becomes accessible to the client. The thus arisen contract qualifies as a written contract, which the seller files. The client may review the contract on the web shop’s homepage after logging in. In the case of an unregistered client the acknowledgement by e-mail attests the arising of the contract. The contract and the present Ordering and Delivery Conditions are accessible to registered clients on-line, furthermore the client has the option of downloading and storing the above documents.

If the seller’s acknowledgement doesn’t arrive to the client within 48 hours, the client is exempted from the binding proposal or the contractual obligations. The client may contact the seller in connection with possible complaints on the above accessibilities.

Purchase price, payment conditions:

The price indicated next to the product is the net purchase price that doesn’t include VAT tax! The actual purchase price is the net price plus the current pertaining VAT tax. Until full payment of the purchase price all products constitute the property of Soil Parts Agro Kft. In the case of purchases with the total value of over HUF 50,000 the client has no extra delivery payment obligation. If the total price of the products is under HUF 50,000 the cost of delivery within Hungary is HUF 2,500 in every case. The payment of the purchase price of the components may occur in the following ways:

1. Within the territory of Hungary:
  • Cash on delivery, which in every case – irrespective of the product’s purchase price – has an extra cost of HUF 1,500. Payment to the DHL courier,
  • Advance transfer based on a proforma invoice,
  • In cash, when picking up in person.

2. In the case of delivery abroad:
  • With advance transfer based on a proforma invoice, please inquire about delivery options abroad on our above accessibilities.
Delivery conditions, deadlines:

On the web shop’s user interface, under each product the expected delivery time is indicated, for information purposes only. The seller undertakes the delivery of the products available on the web shop in Hungary, within 5 to 20 calendar days. In the case of a delivery request abroad, please, inquire on the seller’s above accessibilities. Regarding the actual expected time of delivery, the seller, after consulting its main distributor, provides notification to the client’s e-mail address.

If the client orders several items in a single order, and the earliest possible delivery time of the items is different, then according to the client’s choice, the products will be delivered together at the later time or separately. If the client requests the delivery of the products separately, then the client undertakes to pay for the delivery cost as if he had ordered the items separately.
In consideration of the fact that the feasibility of the delivery deadline may be significantly affected by circumstances not under the control of the seller, and the seller doesn’t wish to include the creation of a financial reserve for possible compensation claims in its pricing as a price increasing factor, the seller doesn’t take any kind of responsibility for possible damages caused by exceeding the delivery deadline.

If it’s predictable that it won’t be able to meet the undertaken delivery deadline, for any reason, it will notify the client in this regard by e-mail.

Pick-up options:
  • Personal pick-up at Soil Parts Agro Kft.’s premises (9061 Vámosszabadi, hrsz: 059-/94). Cash payment upon acceptance.
  • By taking advantage of DHL courier service. Cash on delivery, cash payment to DHL courier.

The replacement of ordered products:
  • If the ordered product is defective, it doesn’t function, and it wasn’t damaged during transport, then the seller will replace the ordered product free of charge. A condition of this is the payment of the original product’s price.
  • If the product is damaged during transport, then the client must indicate the observed damage event to the courier of DHL courier service, when opening the package, and must prepare an official damage report with the courier of DHL courier service. In the absence of this the seller has no obligation for replacement.

Failed delivery:

The client is liable for the cost of repeated delivery caused by failed delivery, because of a reason attributable to the client.

Liability limitations:

Soil Parts Agro Kft. is not liable for arisen damages in the following cases:
  • In the case of obstructive events, which prevent You, as the user, from using the web shop located on Soil Parts Agro Kft.’s webpage, thereby preventing You from placing Your orders.
  • In the case of any malfunction caused by any hardware or software flaw of Your computer, or for damage caused by the interruption of internet service. We request that You apply protection against viruses and malware transmitted on-line, every time You wish to use the webpage of Soil Parts Agro Kft. located on the internet, and the web shop located therein.
  • Soil Parts Agro Kft. is not liable for any damages caused by mistaken or delayed delivery by DHL courier service. It will not pay for the extra costs arising in such cases.
  • Photos, illustrations displayed on Soil Parts Agro Kft.’s webpage! It is not liable for technical information displayed here and the data contained in manufacturer catalogs!
  • Soil Parts Agro Kft. is not liable for damages originating from exceeding the delivery deadline, unless that happens intentionally.
The seller reserves the right to unilaterally amend the present Ordering and Delivery Conditions in the future.

Other provisions
By accepting the present Ordering and Delivery Conditions, the client consents to being contacted by seller for the purpose of advertising activity, on the e-mail address provided by the client. The client is entitled to revoke this consent, without restrictions and free of charge.
In matters not regulated by the present Ordering and Delivery Conditions, Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, Act CVIII of 2001 on electronic commercial services, and certain questions of services related to information based society, as well as other regulations of Hungarian law shall prevail.
Issued: 2014.09.15.
Soil Parts Agro Kft. seller

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