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The ordering process

To find the product that you wish to purchase, use the key word search on the left side, or the manufacturers menu item in the upper menu. If you select based on the logos/names of manufacturers, then on the page of the chosen manufacturer you will find the products connected to the manufacturer.

The searcher can be used with key words as well as word fragments.

To order the selected product, by specifying the desired quantity on the list page containing the product and then clicking on the shopping cart button, you can place it in your shopping cart.

You can access the page containing the product’s information sheet by clicking on the product’s name or photo. Here you can also place it in your shopping cart, by specifying the desired quantity and then clicking on the shopping cart button.

The shopping cart is displayed in the left side stripe of the webpage.

You can view the items placed in the shopping cart here. To delete an item from the shopping cart, you need to set the quantity to 0, then click on the Save changes link.

At the shopping cart we also receive information about what value is still needed to reach the discount value as well as about the delivery cost.

If you have selected all the products you need, click on the purchase button, this will take you to the Purchase page.

Here you need to check the items to be purchased, and if every item is correct, after selecting the payment and delivery method, you need to enter the delivery and invoicing information.

The purchase is concluded by clicking on the Send Purchase button. The system automatically sends an acknowledgment e-mail regarding the purchase.

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